I’m Pierre Pommey,

Museum Project Supervisor

About Pierre P

Pierre is an executive graphics designer who loves to travel. After studying graphics design and art in France, he went to Canada and worked in a publishing house doing text composition. Back in France, he found an opportunity to produce signage for various museums and that became his specialty. This led him to travel to and now work in Cambodia. At Melon Rouge, he is currently working on the scenography of the future National Bank Museum scheduled to open in 2017.

His Interests

Pierre aka Pom aka Flouz, a native of Marseille, France, has been drawing since childhood. Passionate about image and graphics design, he started designing over 10 years ago in high school and decided that his dream job would be related to drawing. He started doing graffiti and is in love with everything related to art. Pierre is well-educated, knows how to speak, but prefers the impact of a small illustration rather than a long speech.

His travels led him to discover and work in Canada for a publishing house. Back in France, he found an opportunity to produce signage for various museums, and that became his specialty. This ability led him to travel and he now works in Cambodia, where he found an excellent team with Melon Rouge where he can use his specialty and find expression for his art.

Professional Experience

  • 2013/2016 – L’Atelier
    Graphic Designer
    Graphic design , assembly and installation for signage and exhibition design in different museums in France: Musée Granet, MuCEM,
    Petit Palais, BNF, Cinémathèque de France…


  • 2007/2009 – E.S.M.A Montpellier
    Higher National Diploma of visual communication option multimedia
  • 2006/2007 – University of Aix-Marseille I, France
    History of art and prehistory
  • 2003/2005 – Diploma of designer and model maker


  • Member of The Black Lab
    Asociation of Creative Minds
  • 2004 – Illustrator and Graffiti artist


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